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Faith Exchange is a non-denominational Christian church located at 95 Leonard Street in downtown Manhattan, New York. It was founded by Dan and Ann Stratton in 1994 after being licensed by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. The church emphasizes achieving a balanced life with good health, spiritual fulfillment, family unity, and financial prosperity through following Jesus and serving others with love.

One of the notable aspects of Faith Exchange is "My Deeper Life," a national network of members who support each other through prayer and fellowship, following Dan's teachings.

During the terrorist attack of 9/11 in 2001, the 90 West Street location of Faith Exchange was destroyed along with other buildings in the area. Despite this devastation, the church survived without loss of life. Today, Faith Exchange continues to hold services on Wednesdays and Sundays, often featuring inspirational speakers.



Pastor Dan Stratton, a university alum and ex-college football athlete, established a thriving career on New York's Commodities Exchange. In the city, he met his wife, Ann, and embraced an unwavering commitment to the Word of God and a life of faith. Dan's journey led him to speak at international conferences alongside Kenneth Copeland, sharing a message of faith and empowerment. His dynamic approach and decades of ministry continue to inspire and lead many in their spiritual walk.


ברוכים הבאים ל-FAITH EXchange

Pastor Ann Stratton is an experienced Word of Faith teacher. As a practitioner in the faith, she has an anointing for ministry under the power of healing. Through the laying on of hands, by way of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Ann has experienced the miraculous. Jesus has opened blind eyes, healed many of cancer and has even raised three people from the dead through her obedience and childlike faith. Pastor Ann has been serving in ministry over 30 years and is always available to share her gift. She is a loving mother and a powerful speaker here at Faith Exchange.

Faith Exchange will continue to feed people the infallible Word of the living God so they can do all that God has called them to do. We are all called to the ministry of Jesus Christ as ministers of His love and reconciliation to the lost. Join us, as together we love this world back to the Father!


In His love and ours, Pastors Dan & Ann Stratton



This is Christown. Home of the Burden Removing, Yoke Destroying People of God. Friends of Holy Spirit. Carriers of His Contagious Power.

FAITH EXCHANGE FELLOWSHIP, INC., a registered 501(c)3 since 1994, traces its origins back to the floor of the COMEX – Commodity Exchange in 1985.

The inception of Faith Exchange has its roots in a beautiful love story. Dan first encountered Ann at a private gathering, where she extended an invitation to him to join her at church—an invitation he accepted. Pastor Annie, as she is affectionately known, already had a fervent passion for God, having experienced a miraculous healing during a gathering led by Kenneth E. Hagin in Teaneck, NJ. This encounter ignited within her a desire to publicly pray for those in need in her daily life. At the time Dan met Ann, she was actively engaged in ministering to the elderly in Fairview, NJ. Dan vividly recalls his initial experience witnessing Ann's compassionate ministry: "Annie was kneeling beside a bathtub in the projects. A homeless woman was in the tub, and Annie was washing her hair. There were new clothes piled on a chair in the bathroom."

Encouraged by Ann, Dan began to share his newfound faith on the trading floor. Being active in both the gold and silver pits, Dan commenced writing a weekly letter infused with the gospel, encouragement, and humor, thus giving birth to a Bible study dubbed the Faith Exchange. This letter was circulated every Tuesday.

The Bible study soon outgrew its initial confines, transitioning to Dan's office at 4 World Trade Center on the 9th floor. Initially attended mostly by clerks and traders from the floor, the study gradually expanded, incorporating prayer sessions on Thursdays.

In 1987, Dan experienced what he describes as a miraculous trading day—a moment where divine favor and prosperity seemed to rain down upon the Stratton family, propelling them to new heights in their finances. This catalyzed an acceleration in their ministry, leading them to attend national conventions and engage in various ministry endeavors such as large meetings, concerts, and evangelism.

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